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(2001; Bear Entertainment)

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Korean: Hyu meo ni seu teu

Ma Tae-ho (MY WIFE IS A GANGSTER's Ahn Jae-mo; click here for a still) is the layabout son of an affluent retired general (ATTACK THE GAS STATION!'s Park Young-kyu), a staunch Catholic who actually pays Tae-ho to attend church with him every Sunday. His only "friends" (who are more like paid hangers-on and have been since they met as children) are Euglena (ATTACK THE GAS STATION!'s Kang Seong-jin), a sadistic nutcase who lost his testicles when a ravenous wolf attacked him as a child, and Amoeba (THE FOUL KING's Park Sang-myeon), a brain-damaged manchild. While driving under the influence, Tae-ho accidentally kills a traffic cop who was trying to arrest him. Instead of hauling Tae-ho in, the dead man's partner decides to blackmail him for $300 million won (US$244,000). Tae-ho is unable to get the cash out of his father and concocts a plan to kidnap him, with the help of Euglena and Amoeba. Things immediately go awry, resulting in an additional hostage, a mutilated body, and murderous betrayals in the making.

This South Korean black comedy revels in the kind of excess that has become a regular feature of Takashi Miike's work but, ultimately, never approaches the same heights of deranged inventiveness. Co-writer/director Lee Moo-young (who also appears in the movie as a reporter) occasionally finds the right note but the parade of bad taste (a foul-smelling beggar with a rotting, maggot-filled leg, Amoeba drinking "Shit Water" to cure himself after a beating, characters graphically puking, a nun with a hick accent everyone makes fun of, etc) evokes few genuine laughs and the jabs at Korean society are either too obscure for a Western viewer or too obvious for the satire to really work.

Cover art courtesy Bear.

Park Sang-myeon (left) and Kang Seong-jin. Image courtesy Bear.
SRE/Bear (No Catalog #) (South Korea label)

Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0

Sync Sound Korean Language

Optional English Subtitles

24 Chapters Illustrated in the Menu With Stills

Letterboxed (1.70:1)

Coded for ALL Regions

NTSC Format

100 Minutes

Contains brutal violence, brief nudity, mild sexual content, coarse language, and crude content

DVD menu courtesy Bear.

South Korea: 18

The dual layer disc looks sharp and colorful and the stereo mix is strong, with excellent separations. Some mild distortion is evident in spots but is not a major distraction. Plenty of untranslated extras here: a trailer and two TV spots, cast and crew profiles, a music video, the 17 minute electronic press kit (which is just a few scenes from the movie strung together), and a 9 minute "Making Of..." featurette (consisting entirely of behind-the-scenes video footage). There are also trailers for KANZO SENSEI (aka DR. AKAGI), PONETTE, THREE WISHES (actually just an American TV spot), and A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT.

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