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August 20th, 2001 Special

Hong Kong Digital is a recurring series of movie reviews by John Charles -- associate editor / film reviewer for Video Watchdog magazine and the author of The Hong Kong Filmography.

Manhattan Midnight Press Release

First High Definition Movie "Manhattan Midnight" Received Best Picture and Best Cinematography Awards From PHILAFILM Festival

(July 23, 2001 - New York) With their very first attempts in utilizing High Definition (HD) Digital System to make movie "Manhattan Midnight", Hong Kong director Alfred Cheung and U.S. based cinematographer Derek Wan, H.K.S.C. respectively received "The LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD AWARD for BEST FEATURE FILM" and "The GORDON PARKS, SR. AWARD for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY" in the 2001 Festival Competition of the Philadelphia International Film Festival (PHILAFILM).

Director Alfred Cheung (left) and Cinematographer Derek Wan (right) of "Manhattan Midnight" received Best Picture
and Best Cinematography Awards from PHILAFILM Festival

"Manhattan Midnight" is the first Chinese produced motion picture in the world shot on Sony CineAlta 24P HDCAM digital system has received these honors. The movie was shot in New York City starring Richard Grieco from the U.S. and Maggie Q from Hong Kong. The story is about a hired professional who kills the wrong target. Seeking redemption, the professional finds himself protecting his missed target from the underground syndicate. Financed by Emperor Movie Group in Hong Kong, this English language film targets international markets and is planned for worldwide theatrical release in the forth quarter of 2001.

Director Alfred Cheung (center) and Cinematorgrapher Derek Wan (right) using Sony CineAlta 24P HDCAM
to shoot movie "Manhattan Midnight".

The HD technology used to make the movie a success was supported by All In One Productions, a New York based production company who also line-produced the movie. This high-octane action film was budgeted for US$3 million and the digital technology enabled the production to be completed in an amazingly short 27-day schedule.

Alfred Cheung, who is currently producing a Jackie Chan movie in Dublin, Ireland attended the award ceremony and the world premier screening of "Manhattan Midnight" in Philadelphia, PA. He reiterated his everlasting passion for filmmaking after over 20 years in the industry and on going enthusiasm in adopting new film technology.

Concluding his experience in shooting films on HD format, Cheung said: "the advantages and benefits of shooting on HD outweigh the limitations of the technology at the present time." Like George Lucas of the U.S., the 46-year old Hong Kong director is hooked on the new format, "I don't think I'll ever go back to shoot on film again."

When responding to the skeptics of HD filmmaking, Derek Wan, H.K.S.C., also president of All In One Productions, said, "To me, this is a triumph of electronic cinematography that writes a new chapter in motion picture photography. I'll continue to invest in and explore this new technology. I challenge the very notion that celluloid origination is the Holy Grail or the only medium to make films for theatrical release. I'm sure that the audience at the premier will agree HD images carry as much emotion and bring about as much visual excitement, if not more, as celluloid does."

"I'm particularly excited about this honor because it not only represents a personal accomplishment, but also signifies the recognition of a new technology in filmmaking that opens up more possibilities and allows more freedom to filmmakers", said the award-winning director of photography at the presentation ceremony.


American actor Richard Grieco and Hong Kong actress Maggie Q in one scene of movie "Manhattan Midnight".

Text and images issued by All In One Productions, Inc. (New York) on July 23rd, 2001

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